Regional Kazakh&Asian Anti-Pain Association

Regional Kazakh&Asian Anti-Pain Association (KAAPA) is a public non-commercial organization, been registered in the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan on August 20th, 2015 (#150840016565). Association was formed by Public Foundation “To Life Without Pain” and “Clinic of Pain Treatment” Ltd (both located in Almaty, Kazakhstan).

Initiative group to establish the Association includes physicians and scientists of different specialties from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan – neurologists, anesthesiologists, oncologists, psychiatrist, therapists with experience in both practical and scientific work. These professionals were united by the interest to progress of a new direction in their work – the fight against pain in cooperation and collaboration with specialists of different disciplines of medical science.

Both the Foundation and the Clinic in accordance with their Statutory goals and objectives have each their own capabilities to implement new ideas for our Countries. Together, they form the basis for involving new concerned people and organizations into Association.

Dr. Malik Abdrakhmanov, MD, PhD, Anesthesiologist (Kazakhstan) became elected President of Regional Kazakh&Asian Anti-Pain Association (KAAPA). The Secretary of our Association is Dr. Irina Arakelova.


Our goals and action plan

In Kazakhstan and the Central Asian republics has not been existed yet as specialized anti-pain centers, so even the specialized departments, dealing with patients who suffer from a variety of chronic pain syndromes. Also up to the present time doctors of our Republics had no opportunity to be educated (or to get advanced specialization) on treatment of namely pain syndromes. Algology in our medicine is not allocated as a separate discipline, which has a negative impact on patients needed in focused high-professional care.

Founded Regional Association is aimed to fill this gap and ensure access to contemporary qualified anti-pain medical assistance for patients of our Republics (first of all).

Main objectives of our Association are the following:

  • assistance in organization of the specialized medical aid for patients with long-lasting and chronic pain in Kazakhstan and Central Asian Republics
  • conducting scientific-research work in the field of pain control and management
  • implementation of the interdisciplinary collaboration practice amongst different specialists while pain diagnostics and treatment
  • distribution of modern and leading knowledge and methods of pain diagnostic and treatment

Doctors-KAAPA members completely share and support all provisions of “Miami Declaration” of 2012 approved by leading international organizations for pain research and treatment.

According to provisions of Human Rights Watch 2009 and above mentioned Declaration, the right for adequate pain treatment is one of basic human rights. This means that any patient has the right not only to gain access to the high-quality, timely and adequate anti-pain care, but also to know about capabilities of the State to contribute and finance such medical service obtaining, as well as to be aware of world’s achievements in this area. It is important for us to ensure that such kind of medical assistance to patients of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan could be received in their homelands (at site).

Sharing such a vision of European National and International Associations KAAPA expects to develop activity towards several directions and in some following stages:

  • from introduction of already approved methods of chronic pain syndromes treatment (as pharmacological so non-pharmacological) into the practice of doctors-Association members to elaboration of the National treatment standards and guidelines;
  • from holding of master-classes and trainings with participation of invited specialists to forming own pull of doctors-algologists by organization of education in the form of advanced medical courses;
  • from informing of patients and increasing of public interest and awareness about possibilities of the modern medicine for chronic pain treatment to involvement in collaboration of all-level State healthcare structures, up to Republican ones.

We rely on the active support of medical community, patients, medical National and International associations, various state structures and enterprises, on private business as well.